IndyStar: Dad blames Tesla auto for daughter's death

The Detroit News

The grieving father of a 27-year-old Indiana woman killed while driving drunk in her boss’s Tesla believes she would’ve survived had the car’s battery not exploded and caused a fiery wreck, reported Vic Ryckaert in the Indianapolis Star.

The Nov. 3 crash took place in downtown Indianapolis after the 2015 Model S swerved to avoid a wrong-way driver and hit a tree and parking garage and exploded. The driver, Casey Speckman, died from injuries from the crash, with the fire as a contributing factor. The owner of the Tesla was Kevin McCarthy, 44, who was also Speckman’s boss. He died in the crash as a result of the fire, The Star reported.

“The force of the crash broke apart the battery pack,” Ryckaert wrote, creating a debris field of about 150 yards. The battery pack weighs 1,200 pounds and is made up of smaller lithium batteries.

Speckman’s blood-alcohol level was .21 percent, well above the legal limit of .08 in Indiana.

In its statement to The Star, Tesla said that “the observed damage and debris field indicate a very high speed collision.”

Jon Speckman, Casey’s father, told The Star that “had she been in another vehicle, she would’ve been alive for me to yell at her for driving after drinking.”

Read The Star’s report here.