If there's one thing classic car enthusiasts love, it's the little details that set their cars apart.

Whether it the car had a hood ornament, custom taillight or a truly glamorous grille, Woodward Avenue on Saturday was graced with some of the most pristine automobiles in the country. And in many cases, owners went out of their way to make their automobiles stand out.

Here are some of the best little details from the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise:

This vintage vehicle was one of the shiniest vehicles in town this weekend.

These taillights gave this Chevy some character.

And this Cadillac had its own sharp personality.

The Cruise was full of cars with unique grilles.

This might have been the largest spoiler of the weekend.

This Shelby Cobra had some flair.

Honestly, this Palmeri Andare couldn't have had more chrome.

Many owners showcased pristine interiors.

And Mustang owners made sure to include ponies throughout their vehicles. Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang marketing manager, said Saturday that Mustang Alley would see around 1,000 vehicles, but it's be hard to find a repeat. Mustang owners cherish the customization of that vehicle.

"You could walk this whole thing and no two would be the same," he said.

Some grilles gave the cars a bit of a facial expression.

Like this speedster.

Or this scowling behemoth.

There was no shortage of ornate hood ornaments, either.

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