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The Oakland County stretch of Woodward Avenue was an assault on the senses Saturday as the annual Dream Cruise roared through town.

The sidewalks were packed, music blared from speakers along the curb, countless restaurants fired up outdoor grills in along the route, and then there were the cars. Thousands of polished and primed hot rods, classic cars, vintage luxury vehicles and modern horsepower giants thundered along the 16-mile stretch of Woodward for the annual event.

It's hard to pick a handful of favorites. It'd be foolish to pick just one, so here are shots of some of the hottest automobiles captured rolling up Woodward for the 2017 Cruise.

For Larry Eidson, the Dream Cruise has always been a chance to show off hot rides. He's displayed BMWs and Mustangs at several shows, but this year he had his sleek white BMW M3 on display.

"It's the top of the line," he said, adding that he shopped around specifically for the superior naturally aspirated V8 engine BMW used on all pre-2011 M3 models.

He detailed the car himself ahead of the cruise, but spent time early Saturday going back over his work.

"As far as I'm concerned, if you can't detail it, you shouldn't be there," Eidson said. "It's very important."

He didn't see as many cars on the road as years past, he said, but he fielded plenty of questions about his car. And he even got to take his grandson for a spin later in the day.

This burnt orange number caught the eye while rolling down Woodward.

In Pontiac, one lot was packed with American muscle.

A Dodge Viper is always a crowd-pleaser.

This vehicle had been plucked from the 1950s.

For most Cruise fans, there isn't anything better than a line up of 60s and 70s muscle cars.

And then there were the super cars. High-end sports cars lined the lot at Premium Motors in Birmingham.

But it was the exclusive and eye-catching Ford GT that gathered the largest crowd in Ford's Mustang Alley in Ferndale. Several people wondered aloud how much the supercar cost, leading one man to remark "If you've gotta ask, you can't afford it."

Few people even had the chance to buy one of this hand-built speedsters. Ford took over 6,000 applications for 500 of the 2017 model. It sells a few every month.

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