Top cats: Troy interviews 6 for police feline

The Detroit News
A top candidate for Troy's police cat.

Which furry feline is up for the task? 

Troy police spent Friday petting and observing six candidates for its newly created Police Cat position.

The candidates included five kittens and a 1-year-old cat named Cagney, according to a Troy Police officer featured on the department's Facebook Live video Friday.   

But Troy police announced on Twitter around 2 p.m. that Cagney did not get selected for the job. 

The cat and kittens were provided by the Michigan Humane Society. 

The officer on the Facebook Live video said the department wanted to hire a cat that was sociable and able to interact with the community.  

Cats that don't get the job will be up for adoption, Troy police say. 

The Police Cat idea was sparked when the department pledged to get a cat if it had 10,000 Twitter followers by April. When the challenge was issued March 6, Troy police had just 4,000 followers. 

The department announced in mid-March that it had the following it needed to turn its police cat dream into a reality. 

Police had discussed the idea for years, bringing in either a cat or a non-K-9 officer dog, for therapeutic purposes.

The cat is expected to make public appearances. But it won't live in the building, it will go home every night with an officer. Several have expressed interest.