A  sun rising above the horizon and the phrase "Students rise. We all rise" are the new logo and tagline for Detroit Public Schools Community District, which is trying to attract more students and teachers to its ranks.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti unveiled the district’s new branding campaign on Thursday, on the last day of the school year and on the first day of summer, saying it was time for the district to mark a new beginning after constant change with state-ordered emergency management.

Vitti marked his one year anniversary in the district last month.

"The process started with icons. We rested and ended with the sun the rising of the city of Detroit. This is a new beginning with traditional public education in Detroit," Vitti said.

 The District will use #DPSCDStudentsRise on social media channels.

District officials also played a video created and narrated by rapper Big Sean, a DPS graduate, that features actual students, teachers, principals, community members and schools. The video will be used in the new campaign.

Vitti said the district received $200,0000 from United Way and spent $100,000 of its own money for the work to create a new brand, logo and campaign.

BLVD Content and Real Integrated, marketing and strategy firms; the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, which awarded the district a $20,000 grant, and iHeart Media/WJLB supported the re-branding project, school officials said.

As he enters year two of his five-year contract, Vitti must fill a 200 teacher vacancy and maintain or increase attendance in the district, which is around 50,000 students.

Vitti acknowledged a new logo won't fix the district's problems, but it's symbolic of the work and vision ahead.

"Without a strong public school system, we will never be the city we once were," he said.

Parent Karen Jones said she liked the new sun logo.

"It's something good for the children," said Jones, who has two sons in the district at Nolan Elementary-Middle School.

Misha Stallworth, board of education secretary, said she loves the logo.

"I really love the sunrise but one of my favorite things is the tagline, 'Student rise. We all rise.' It reminds me of an African proverb that is similar, that we rise by lifting others. It emphasizes the collective and the importance of our community as whole," she said.





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