Input on state social studies revisions extended to Sept. 30

Jennifer Chambers
The Detroit News
A woman in the audience displays signs that read "Do Not Rewrite History," at the Michgan Department of Education forum in Waterford Township on Wednesday.


Public input on proposed revisions to Michigan's social studies standards has been extended through Sept. 30, officials the Michigan Department of Education said on Friday.

"With the great level of interest in the development of the revised Social Studies standards, we are extending the public input time in order to continue reaching across the state for additional comment,” said Interim State Superintendent Sheila Alles.

MDE has conducted 11 public input sessions across the state and had planned to close input on Saturday.

Dates and locations of the future sessions are being finalized, MDE officials said, with plans to include sites in the Upper Peninsula, northern Michigan, west Michigan, Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor area. The details will be made public when finalized. 

Input still can be provided online through Sep. 30 at

A proposed draft version of the Social Studies standards can be found here.

The standards were last revised in 2007 and set expectations for what students are to learn by the end of each grade. State assessments are based on those standards.

Revisions proposed by Republican state Sen. Patrick Colbeck that include removing references to climate change, gays and lesbians and the term "core Democratic value," were reported by The Detroit News in a story on June 19.

State education officials asked Colbeck to participate in a focus group on the revisions after he and 18 legislators in 2015 presented a letter to the education department on how they thought the social studies curriculum needed scrutiny.

Parents, students and others spoke out on the proposed revisions, denouncing them as discriminatory and partisan motivated.