Detroit police seek warrant in Mumford High student drowning

Jennifer Chambers
The Detroit News

Detroit police are seeking a warrant in the death of Mumford High student who was found in the bottom of the school's pool.

Detroit police officials said late Thursday they turned their investigation into the death of Da'Sean Blanding over the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office to request a warrant.

Detroit Police Homicide Capt. Jonathan Parnell said the investigator interviewed students and staff, and based on the facts he discovered, he submitted the warrant request.

“Now, it’s up to prosecutors to review the request and decide whether to charge anyone,” Parnell said.

Parnell said one warrant was submitted, but would not reveal who it involved as no charges have been filed.

Kareem Sigler, the swim teacher supervising Blanding and other Mumford students, was terminated by the school district.

Blanding was found in a Mumford High School pool on Feb. 24.

Christina Blanding

Blanding's mother alleges her 15-year-old, learning-disabled son was bullied and beaten before he was forced into the water and while his teacher left the class unsupervised.

Christina Blanding has alleged her son was bleeding from the nose and mouth when he was pulled from the pool and had marks on his neck. She said she saw the injuries when she viewed her son's body at the hospital.

Staff Writer George Hunter contributed.