See how your school, district did in 2021 M-STEP, SAT testing

Hayley Harding
The Detroit News

In most grades and most subjects, students in 2021 fared worse on standardized tests than they did two years ago, when tests were last administered statewide. 

After two schools years interrupted and radically altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, every grade level fared worse in math exams, and only eighth and 11th graders improved in English language arts scores.

But how did students in your school do? Individual schools may have very different results than the state-level averages, and specific groups within that school may see even more difference.

You can search for schools in your community below. Start by choosing the database for the grade you are most interested in (they're in order from third to eighth grade, followed by 11th grade and SAT scores), then choose your school district and building.

It's important to note these results aren't conclusive. Fewer than 75% of Michigan students took the assessments. In some subjects, as few as 50% of students statewide took the assessment.

You can read more coverage of the M-STEP score releases here.

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