Visual Arts: Summer Benton

High school: Seaholm High School

GPA: 4.220 weighted / 3.875 unweighted

Parents/guardians: Mary K and Jim Benton

College you plan to attend: Penny W. Stamps College of Art and Design at the University of Michigan

Major: BFA in art and design

Career plans: Writer, illustrator, and filmmaker

Most influential teacher: Mrs. Fitzgerald at Covington Middle School


■2 Year President of Seaholm National Art Honors Society

■2 Year member of National Honors Society

■Event Coordinator for Seaholm’s Artumn and Bazart festivals, which showcased student artists and musicians and raised money for the DIA and the organization Art Road

■ Recipient of the Dale Truding Award from Covington Middle School in 2012

■Writer of a one-act play (“Habits”) in Seaholm’s 2016 One Act festival

■Director of a (different) one-act play (“2 Lies and a Truth”) in Seaholm’s 2016 One Act festival