Michigan’s ‘10 Snobbiest Places’ ranked online

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Think your Michigan city might be considered a tad toffee-nosed?

Based on the insights of the website RoadSnacks.net, you might be right. The website recently posted a list of “The 10 Snobbiest Places In Michigan.”

Northville topped the list as “snobbiest” city in the Wolverine State. Other municipalities in southeast Michigan also filled out the top 10: Rochester (2nd), Plymouth (3rd), Royal Oak (4th), Troy (7th), Novi (8th).

Why did Northville nab so high a position? According to RoadSnacks, whose previous lists include “These Are The 10 Most Redneck Cities in Arkansas,” the community “combines unparalleled wealth (the highest median household income in Michigan) with expensive homes (second highest in Michigan) to create an enclave of snobbery.”

Rochester, meanwhile, “boasts the most expensive McMansions in Michigan,” and Traverse City, fifth on the list, “ranks as having the most private schools per capita.”

The website touts itself as aiming to “show you the real side of places that not everyone wants to hear” through deploying “data to create bite-sized snacks of shareable information about places and cities across the country.”

The authors insist the “all in good fun” ranking relied not on their opinions but “facts and figures” — namely criteria that distinguished the 61 spots in the state the 2013 American Community Survey found had more than 5,000 people.

That meant examining median home price, median household income, percent of population with a college degree, per capita private schools , theaters and art galleries, the website read.

Don’t feel bad, though. RoadSnacks writers consider Michigan “less snooty than the rest of the country” and say of the 10 supposedly “snobby” cities:

“These aren’t bad places to live, so don’t get that idea.”

RoadSnacks’ ‘10 Snobbiest Places In Michigan’

1. Northville

2. Rochester

3. Plymouth

4. Royal Oak

5. Traverse City

6. Petoskey

7. Troy

8. Novi

9. Okemos

10. Saline

Source: RoadSnacks.net

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