The Interstate 75 "modernization" project continues Friday evening, with workers rebuilding more than eight miles of busy highway between Coolidge Highway and 13 Mile.

The phase of the $224 million construction project is expected to begin at 7 p.m. — weather permitting — to shift traffic to the southbound side with two lanes open in each direction to allow the northbound lanes to be reconstructed, the Michigan Department of Transportation says. 

The construction will begin from Adams Road to south of 13 Mile to prepare for the traffic shift. Then on Saturday morning, the lane closures will be in place with southbound traffic using the right lane and the right shoulder as travel lanes.

This will cause Big Beaver and Rochester roads entrance ramps to southbound I-75, as well as the highway's exit to eastbound 14 Mile, to be closed. The northbound side of I-75 will have the left lane closed at Big Beaver Road and north of Coolidge Highway, MDOT officials said in a release.

By the end of the month, MDOT officials expect all traffic will be on the southbound side of the freeway. The roadway is expected to be under repair during the construction season, officials said.

The project also includes improving 18 structures, upgrading drainage, constructing community-developed aesthetics and noise walls and adding in high-occupancy vehicle lanes between Coolidge and 13 Mile. Interested parties can follow the progress at

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