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Detroit to make its debut on U.S. edition of Monopoly

Susan Whitall
The Detroit News

The votes are in, and Detroit made the cut to be included as a location on a new Monopoly “Here & Now: U.S. Edition” that Hasbro will debut in the fall. The final list was unveiled Thursday by the company.

Before you get too excited, the top vote-getter in the February-March competition Hasbro conducted with Buzzfeed to celebrate the board game’s 80th anniversary was Pierre, South Dakota. Yes, Pierre, the state capital, beat us.

The public was invited to vote on Buzzfeed’s site, given the choice of 60 cities, which were narrowed down to 22.

Pierre is the second-least populous state capitol in the United States. Lots of tumbleweed and buttes out there, but apparently enough people who voted that they won the coveted Boardwalk space on this special edition of the game.

Detroit ranked No. 9 in votes, below Virginia Beach, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina, and other bustling metropolises, so we won’t be on the prestigious blue neighborhood (Broadway and Park Place), or even green or yellow, but in the red properties alongside our sister cities in grit, Boston and Milwaukee. (The red slots are where Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois Avenues are situated on the classic Monopoly board.)

Cleveland may have gotten the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they will sit well behind Detroit, in the orange neighborhood.

Hasbro will roll out a Monopoly “Here & Now: World Edition” in the fall, as well. Both games will feature landmark tokens (the giant tire, for Detroit?) and players will try to visit as many locations as possible, collecting passport stamps. Players will collect visitor fees when opponents land on “their” locations, and the first player with a full passport wins.