Trust fund set up for siblings of kids found in freezer

George Hunter
The Detroit News
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A trust fund has been set up for the two children whose mother allegedly tortured them and forced them to live in a Detroit townhouse for months with the frozen bodies of their brother and sister, said the woman who is caring for them.

“I want them to have what they didn’t have at home,” said Angela Gordon, great-aunt of the two surviving children, an 8-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl. Their siblings, 13-year-old Stoni Blair and 9-year-old Stephen Berry, were killed and entombed inside a chest freezer that was kept in the living room of the family’s townhouse in the Martin Luther King apartments on the near east side.

Prosecutors say the children’s mother, Mitchelle Blair, tortured the children before placing them in the freezer. She has been charged with several crimes, including torture and first-degree murder. According to court documents, Blair forced her oldest daughter to place Stephen into the freezer after he died.

Despite the horror they endured, the two surviving children are doing well, said their great-aunt, Angela Gordon.

“They’re both back in school, and they love it,” she said. “You would never know what they’ve lived through. They seem to be adapting quite well.”

Gordon, a retired Detroit police child abuse investigator set up the trust fund to help with the children’s college tuition, and for any other expenses they may incur.

“They don’t even know about it,” she said. “They won’t be able to access it until they turn 18.”

Donors can give to the Blair Children Fund at any Bank of America branch.

(313) 222-2134

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