Detroit — Police have their spring cleaning rituals too. And in Detroit, that meant officers taking time out on Saturday to help improve safety in a pair of neighborhoods.

Uniformed and plain-clothes officers worked a neighborhood in Southwest Detroit Saturday. They toured and secured 20 abandoned homes that are part of the Fourth Precinct's coverage area.

In addition, they conducted follow-ups on outstanding warrants in the area, leading to the arrest of three individuals.

Also on Saturday, officers worked neighborhoods on the city's east side. Utilizing crime statistics, department officials targeted several problem areas.

Detroit officers conducted warrant sweeps, parolee and probationer home visits, inspections at establishments with liquor licenses, and narcotics warrant sweeps. Police work in those neighborhoods resulted in eight felony arrests and two misdemeanor arrests.

"Operation Restore Order 'Spring Cleaning' is an example of our commitment to the citizens in the City of Detroit," the department said in a news release. "We will continue our efforts in combatting crime and ensuring safe environments for all citizens in the City of Detroit."

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