Detroit — The Detroit Police Department’s neighborhood “spring cleaning” netted 30 arrests and led to 20 boarded up homes, officials said.

The Detroit Police Department’s Operation Restore Order Spring Cleaning on Saturday, which paired police arrests with volunteers who cleaned up lots and boarded up homes, concentrated on the city’s southwest side around the Fourth Precinct and the east side near the Ninth Precinct, according to a news release.

More than 150 police officers and about two dozen volunteers were involved.

Out of the Fourth Precinct, three felony arrests were made, one gun was seized and 20 homes were boarded up. Officers with the Ninth Precinct made 27 arrests, seized four illegal weapons, issued 247 citations and impounded 25 vehicles, as well as seized 2 grams of cocaine, 2 grams of heroin and 50 grams of marijuana.

“We will continue our efforts in attacking the criminal elements that plague our society and dampen the quality of life within our community,” according to the department’s release.

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