DTE Energy worker shot by BB gun on Detroit's west side

Holly Fournier and Candice Williams
The Detroit News
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A DTE Energy contract worker was shot Wednesday afternoon on Detroit's west side, police said.

The male worker suffered non-fatal injuries in the shooting about 1:30 p.m. in the 1600 block of Highland near Woodrow Wilson.

The longtime contract worker was shot in the arm with a BB gun while disconnecting power to a home known for energy theft, a DTE Energy official said.

"I think he'll be fine," DTE director of security Michael Lynch said. "Obviously he's shook up because he wasn't expecting that."

The man was shot while sitting in his truck, Lynch said. Power has been cut to the home "several times" in the past due to energy theft, he said.

Michael Lynch, DTE director of security, holds wiring he said was used for an illegal electricity hookup.

"There was a person taken into custody for an energy theft," Lynch said. "There wasn't anyone taken into custody regarding the BB gun."

Lynch said he does not know if the person in custody for theft is suspected of firing the BB gun.

"I think there were more people in the house," he said.

The beige, two-story house sits near the corner of Highland and Woodrow Wilson, next to a vacant lot in an area south of the Lodge and Davison expressways.

Jumper cables secured to the bottom of a utility pole near the home had been used commit the theft, Lynch said.

The man who was shot has worked with DTE for years, Lynch said.

"He's very reliable, a good family man," Lynch said. "He's a hardworking individual."

Neighbor Derrick Logan, 54, said he was asleep in his home across the street when the DTE worker was shot.

"I was sitting right in the living room asleep, but I didn't hear anything," he said. "If it was a BB gun that's probably why I didn't hear it."

A family that includes three adult brothers has lived in the home for about 17 years, Logan said.

"I've never had any problem with them," he said. "It's quite a few people that go in and out."

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