Police: Probationer tried to pay fine with stolen card

George Hunter
The Detroit News

Detroit — A 25-year-old man on probation for trying to pass counterfeit coins is behind bars after police say he tried to pay his court-ordered restitution with a woman’s stolen credit card.

The suspect owes $1,158 in victim restitution, court costs and attorney fees after his May 2014 conviction for attempted counterfeiting/coins/possession of five or more. He was sentenced to two years of probation.

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections website, the suspect, whose numerous tattoos include the inscriptions “Hated by Many” across his back, “Power Respect” on his right bicep, and “Mama’s Boy” on his neck, is accused of stealing the woman’s credit card April 8 as he bussed tables at the Potbelly’s restaurant on Woodward in downtown Detroit, Detroit Police Detective Michael Pachteles said.

“The victim worked nearby; she was on her lunch break,” Pachteles said. “She left her wallet on the table, and (he) saw it, took it into the bathroom and stole the credit card.

“The next day, he calls his probation officer and tries to make his restitution payment with the woman’s card. But you need the address on the card for it to go through, and he didn’t have that.

“He tried three times to make the payment, but it wouldn’t go through. The woman got an alert from the bank that someone was trying to use her card, and MDOC was alerted.”

Pachteles said he asked the man’s probation officer not to say anything about the theft when he came to report.

“When (the suspect) shows up (April 20), I was there waiting for him,” Pachteles said. “He knew right away why I was there. He said, ‘I’ll tell you everything,’ and gave a full confession.”

He said the suspect’s probation will be revoked, and he’ll likely face fraud charges.

“It’s hard to believe someone would try to pay their probation officer with a stolen credit card,” Pachteles said.

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