Detroit — A two-day Detroit Police Department operation on the city’s west side this week resulted in 66 arrests, officials said.

Launched Wednesday in Detroit’s Second and 12th Precincts, Operation Double Down included uniformed and plain-clothed officers, police said in a statement.

Those areas were targeted since they were identified as showing a rise in robberies, breaking and entering, home invasions, larcenies and aggravated assaults, police said.

As part of a zero-tolerance enforcement initiative, gas stations and businesses were inspected, warrant sweeps conducted and numerous search warrants served, according to the statement.

The operation resulted in 66 arrests — 44 misdemeanors and 22 felonies — as well as seven guns confiscated, 130 tickets issued and 46 gas stations inspected, police said.

“The primary goal of the operation is to provide a safe environment for all law abiding citizens and to purge the community of individuals who have outstanding warrants, participate in the sale of illegal narcotics, and/or possess illegal firearms,” the statement read.

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