Man faces charges for taking Detroit girl on 'sex tour'

Robert Snell
The Detroit News

Detroit — A California man nicknamed "Stac A Dollar" is facing federal sex trafficking and child pornography charges in the case of a 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped during the Detroit Jazz Fest and taken on a cross-country sex tour.

Federal court records offer insight into the $32 billion global human trafficking industry in a case involving a girl who ended up being sold online for sex with customers while authorities in Michigan scrambled to find her.

Kevin Keys, 37, of Los Angeles, faces up to life in federal prison if convicted of crimes that include sex trafficking, transporting a minor for prostitution and producing child pornography. A trial is scheduled Aug. 25 in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

The case dates to August 2014. That's when a 16-year-old girl from Detroit went missing after reportedly being lured to California by a man.

The girl disappeared Aug. 15, prompting Detroit Police to ask the public for help finding her. TV news stations broadcast reports about the girl's disappearance, which lasted for about four weeks.

The girl bounced between a few homes before meeting up with Keys and his cousin, apparently in Metro Detroit, prosecutors allege.

Keys did not know the girl's real name or age until seeing a broadcast report about her disappearance on Aug. 26. Soon after, Keys allegedly invited his cousin over to have sex with the girl "to see if she was any good," according to court records.

Keys' lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Keys later invited her to Jazz Fest. When she arrived, Keys told her "she needed to make some money in order for them to leave Michigan, meaning prostitute herself out," Theodore Wolters, a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security wrote in a court filing.

"(Keys) told her that they could make a lot of money if she performed commercial sex dates, as he had done this before with a girl in California," Wolters added.

Keys said he wanted to keep her hidden from her family until she was 18 years old, the agent wrote.

The girl performed several sex acts with customers in and around the festival grounds in downtown Detroit, charging $50-$100, according to court files. One spot was a tent Keys rented near the festival, prosecutors allege.

Keys — who posed next to a Tiger sculpture outside Comerica Park and posted the photo on a social media site — kept all the money the girl earned, spending some of it on Megabus tickets, according to the federal agent.

Keys and the girl traveled to Minnesota. While there, Keys wanted to disguise the missing girl, and make her look nice so she could lure more clients, according to court records.

"... so he got her a wig and had her nails done," the federal agent wrote.

After arriving in Minnesota, the girl fell ill and underwent treatment at a hospital. Hospital workers learned her true identity and the girl was reunited with her family Sept. 7 — almost four weeks after she disappeared.

By early 2015, federal agents were investigating Keys after linking him to a phone the girl used to call her mother in late August.

They obtained a search warrant for one of his Facebook accounts and discovered several conversations among Keys and other people.

Investigators were interested in one conversation from Aug. 27, a day after TV stations broadcast a story about the girl's disappearance. In it, Keyes said he was "trying to get some money off her," they said. A photo of the girl in a sex act was attached, according to court records.

The same day, Keys allegedly sent another man nude photos of the girl. In another Facebook conversation "Stac A Dollar" identified himself as Kevin Keys.

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