DPS union files grievance over 1-week paycheck delay

The Detroit News

The union that represents teachers in Detroit Public Schools said Friday it has filed a grievance against the district for delaying the instructors’ next paychecks by a week.

Steve Conn, president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, said the union acted in response to the district’s “unilateral decision” to put off issuing the checks until July 28.

“A system of 26 14-day periods (totaling 364 days) does require an adjustment every several years with the 365 day calendar,” Conn said in a statement. “There are simply better ways to do this, and certainly more effective ways to warn employees.

“Delaying a paycheck is no minor issue, especially in an age when so many people pay key bills through automatic withdrawal,” he said.

Michelle Zdrodowski, a DPS spokeswoman, said the district operates on 14-day pay periods, with 26 per year for a total of 364 days. Every five to seven years, the district has to adjust the schedule to account for an extra day (or two during leap years).

“The timing of this adjustment did necessitated the shifting of the first payroll of the 2015-16 fiscal year by one week,” Zdrodowski said. “The district provided advance notice to employees in order for them to make the appropriate preparations. We regret any potential inconvenience this may have caused our employees. There will continue to be 26 pay periods in the 2015-16 fiscal year.”