Lutheran teens help with large diaper drive

Busloads of Lutheran teens who are volunteering throughout metro Detroit this week turned up in Inkster on Friday to help with a massive diaper drive.

The teens, part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA) Youth Gathering, partnered with Starfish Family Services in Inkster for Operation Diapers for Detroiters. The goal: To build a “mountain” of diaper boxes collected by 18 busloads of people.

Some of the teens, who come from across the country, brought diapers with them, while others had them shipped to their hotels. In all, the teens collected 40,000 boxes of diapers. On Saturday, the groups plan to distribute the diapers to more than 50 non-profit organizations across the Metro Detroit.

The Lutheran youth conference, which is held every three years, draws more than 30,000 people to one city to partake in community outreach. New Orleans was the featured city for the past two gatherings.

Kyla Smith contributed to the report