Video captures unveiling of satanic statue in Detroit

Tom Greenwood
The Detroit News

Detroit — A video has captured Saturday night’s controversial, secretive unveiling of a sculpture devoted to the Prince of Darkness.

The 1-ton, nearly 9-foot-tall bronze Baphomet sculpture featuring a horned goat’s head atop a muscled up human body was dedicated by the Satanic Temple as both a sign their devotion to Satan and freedom of speech.

According to Reuters, the Saturday night event in Detroit was attended by several hundred, some merely curious while others were devotees of the demonic.

The event was open to prepaid ticket holders only and was advertised as the largest public satanic ceremony in history.

The unveiling itself was handled by two bare-chested presenters who shared in a romantic moment as part of the ceremony held at an industrial building near the Detroit River, which was disclosed to ticket holders right before the event.

The Baphomet statue, which was designed and built at a cost of more than $100,000, was to have been unveiled at Bert’s Market Place in Detroit’s Eastern Market district, but Bert Dearing said he gave the group back its $3,000 rental fee when he learned who booked the place.

The Satanic Temple’s co-founder, Lucien Greaves, has said the Baphomet statue will not remain in Detroit.

Detroit, however, was selected for the unveiling because the Satanic Temple in the city has a “strong congregation,” Greaves said.

Ultimately, the Satanic Temple hopes to have the statue placed permanently next to a sculpture of the Ten Commandments monument now in place near a state courthouse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, or outside Arkansas’ Statehouse in Little Rock, where a Ten Commandments monument also is planned.

The unveiling of the sculpture in Detroit had been a concern for Catholic parishes over the weekend.

Parishioners and supporters gathered Saturday morning for a Holy Mass at St. Joseph Church to pray for Detroit and counter the anti-religious rhetoric of the Satanic organization.