Black Lives Matter rally against I.C.E. agent shooting

Louis Aguilar
The Detroit News

Detroit — Local organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement said they intend to keep pressure on the investigation of a federal agent who shot and killed a Detroit man during an April raid.

Mitchell Quinn, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, shot and killed Terrance Kellom, 20, in his northwest Detroit home on April 27. Quinn and other members of a multi-jurisdictional task force were trying to arrest Kellom in the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man.

The shooting has prompted a number of local protests. On Saturday, about 50 people marched downtown from Hart Plaza to Grand Circus Park to again call attention to the case. The group said it will hold another rally on the day Wayne County prosecutors are expected to release the results of its investigation of the shooting.

“On Friday, Aug. 28, we are going to make sure (Wayne County Prosecutor) Kym Worthy concludes her investigation, just as her office promised it would,” said Erik Shelley, local organizer for Black Lives Matter. Wayne County prosecutors are conducting an independent investigation into the Kellom shooting and won’t comment until they release their findings.

Protestors cross Woodward on Adams St. as they march to Grand Circus Park.

Kellom’s death comes at time when there is national attention over a string of deaths of African-American men and women while in the custody of law officers. It has sparked civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and fierce debate over racial tensions, vigilantism, police practices, and gun laws.

Supporters of Kellom and supporters of federal agent Quinn tell different versions of what happened.

Quinn was part of the Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team, made up of several local and federal law enforcement agencies. After getting a tip that Kellom was in his home, officers from ICE, Detroit Police Department, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Marshals were dispatched to arrest him.

Attorneys representing the federal agent contend Kellom jumped out from behind a blanket that was covering a doorway and tried to hit Quinn with a hammer, and that the agent opened fire before Kellom fell on top of him.

Kellom’s father, Kevin Kellom, insists his son’s hands were empty and that when he complied with the agent’s order to raise his hands, Quinn suddenly started firing.

Nine shell casings were taken from the home, according to a search warrant return the Kellom family provided to The Detroit News.

Black Lives Matter was created in 2012 after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. The 17-year-old Martin was unarmed when he was shot by a neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was put on trial for second-degree murder and was found not guilty.

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