Tigers fans being turned into 3-D models

Lauren Abdel-Razzaq
The Detroit News

Miguel Cabrera. Anibal Sanchez. Victor Martinez. John Q. Public?

Turns out you don’t need to be a major leaguer to have your own action figure.

DOOB sales associate Brana Smith, left, talks with John Hults inside the booth where cameras capture people’s likeness for a 3-D replica.

Now, a company called DOOB will make a 3-D-miniature model of anyone for those important things, like wedding-cake toppers, retirement celebrations, new babies and, say, sitting on a shelf looking cool.

At Tuesday night’s Tigers game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, fans could undergo the “DOOB-lication” process that begins with posing in a 3-D-scanning system with 54 high-definition cameras to capture every angle.

After the scan, the photos are sent to DOOB’s processing facility in Brooklyn. The printing process takes up to 18 hours; the curing process adds another week.

In the end, a smaller version of you arrives at your doorstep, ready for action.

“It’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in my life,” said St. Clair Shores resident Taylor Fogerty, who checked out the process before the ballgame with Roseville resident Trey Adams.

The expense of the novelty forced him to only look, but “it’s not something you can get anywhere else.”

For $95, people can get a 4-inch “Buddy” version of their likeness in powder-based resin polymer. For $100 more, you can get a “Bestie” at 6 inches. The sizes and prices increase up to the “Diva” model: $695 for a 14-inch statue.

Mini-you: Printing company at Comerica Park creates 3-D versions of people, available in 4- to 14-inch versions.

The Detroit Tigers are the first Major League Baseball team to offer fans the technology, which originated in Germany and was developed for medical applications such as printed prosthetics.

For $45, fans can purchase an interactive version of themselves that they could upload to social media and use as an online avatar.

“Dude, this is mini-me!” said John Hults of Bronson, Michigan. “If you wanted something like this, this would be the way to go.”

The DOOB-licator machine will be at Gate B inside Comerica Park for the rest of the season.


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