Properties allegedly tagged by artist Fairey ID’d

Oralandar Brand-Williams
The Detroit News

Detroit — A city attorney Thursday estimated the damages from several private and city-owned properties allegedly tagged by renowned graffiti artist Shepard Fairey to be around $30,000.

“It’s ongoing litigation, but right now we are at $30,000,” said attorney Megan Moslimani for the city of Detroit.

A brief hearing was held in the case Thursday before 36th District Court Judge Kenneth King. The hearing, which Fairey did not attend, was a pre-trial conference at which the addresses of the tagged properties were put on record.

Fairey is expected to attend the next court hearing Sept. 1. His attorney, Bradley Friedman, said after the hearing: “We’re going to see what the prosecutor has. Our expectation is that Mr. Fairey will be vindicated.”

Friedman said there have been no negotiations toward an agreement in the case.

Moslimani also placed on record in court the locations and addresses of the nine private and public properties. Many of the properties are on East Jefferson. Detroit owns two of the properties at East Grand Boulevard and Interstate 75 in addition to one on Woodward and Endicott.

Fairey, 45, has refused comment in the case in the past. He was recently hired to put up a 184-foot-tall mural on the east side of 1 Campus Martius, formerly known as the Compuware building, owned by downtown developer Dan Gilbert.

Fairey also legally put up his art on a large billboard on East Grand River, a water tower bearing the artist’s trademark “Obey” logo and several temporary murals.

But authorities say he also affixed his trademark stickers onto 14 other properties without the owners’ permissions.

Fairey was arrested in July by customs agents at Los Angeles International Airport after returning from a trip to Europe. He spent the night in a Los Angeles jail.

Fairey, whose full name is Frank Shepard Fairey, was formally arraigned in July before 36th District Magistrate Renee McDuffee on charges of malicious destruction of property. He received a bond of $75,000, 10 percent, according to court officials.

If convicted, Fairey could face up to five years in prison and a fine three times the monetary damage of the crime.

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Buildings affected

These are the locations to which prosecutors say Shepard Fairey affixed stickers without permission.

■14201 E. Jefferson

■9215 E. Jefferson

■6801 E. Jefferson

■6431 E. Jefferson

■2600-16 Gratiot

■3510 Woodward

■1509 Broadway

■City of Detroit-owned building at East Grand Boulevard and Interstate 75

■City of Detroit-owned building at Woodward and Endicott