Detroit — A Detroit-based dog rescue group received its first transfer of dogs from Detroit Animal Control on Tuesday.

Detroit Dog Rescue, which operates a no-kill shelter, said it got 10 dogs after lobbying to be able to get dogs from animal control.

The transfer comes after Detroit Animal Control announced last week it was partnering with the Michigan Humane Society to make dozens of dogs a month available for transfer to rescue and foster organizations. Detroit’s animal control has been criticized for its kill rate.

Detroit also announced that it’s moving animal control oversight back to the health department from the police department, where it was moved in 2012.

The move paired with the Taylor Animal Shelter announcing Tuesday that they visited Detroit’s animal control and returned with “three adoptable — if a little excited — dogs.”

Two more animals will be transferred later this week, a news release said.

“The hope is that suburban facilities like Taylor’s might have a better chance of adopting out the animals,” the release said. Taylor animal control officers returned with two pit bulls and a German shepherd.

DDR has started a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to help with any medical treatment and care for the dogs as they begin their rehabilitation. To donate, go to

The Taylor Animal Shelter is at 25555 Northline Road near Beech Daly. For information, call (734) 287-6550.


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