Detroit EMT wants to go back to work after stabbing

Associated Press

Rochester — Two Detroit emergency medical technicians who were attacked by a man with a box cutter while responding to a call for medical help last month have said they want to return to work.

Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas sustained injuries to their faces and hands in the attack. Adams recently attended a fundraiser with friends and colleagues in suburban Detroit and told WDIV-TV her injuries are “fixable” and she’s “alright.”

Adams said she remembers everything that happened: the run, the man who attacked them, getting punched and being repeatedly stabbed. She wants the public to know the dangers that EMTs face and that they are regularly threatened with violence.

“We fight all the time,” she said. “It just never makes it to the TV because it never gets this far.”

Rojas also said he wants to go back to work as an EMT.

“It’s my job,” he said. “I know there was a risk going into it. I love what I do.”

Michael Montgomery has been charged in the attack, as well as with first-degree murder in a teen’s death in 2006 and kidnapping, rape and torture in a 2005 assault. He’s been jailed since his arrest and is awaiting hearings on whether the cases against him go to trial.

According to police, the EMTs were helping Montgomery’s girlfriend and he was enraged when he was barred from getting in the ambulance.

After the attack, officials have said Detroit EMTs will get more safety training, including on how to de-escalate a dangerous situation and how to handle violent individuals or people with mental health issues at a scene where they’re sent for medical help.