Reward for tips on Detroit dog hanging doubled to $5K

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

The Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Dog Rescue are offering a $5,000 reward for tips leading to the identification of a person accused of hanging a dog on Detroit’s west side.

Michigan Humane Society officials said Thursday they were offering a $2,500 reward and the Detroit Dog Rescue said Friday it will match the reward, doubling the amount.

“This isn’t a dog, this is a victim. This is violence in the heart of our community” said Matthew Pepper, MHS President and CEO. “We must stand as a voice for this dog and other who suffer unspeakable cruelty at the hands of monsters.”

Kristina Millman Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue, said like the Humane Society, her nonprofit seeks justice for the dog.

“In light of the recent news of a dog found hung in a Detroit abandoned home, we at Detroit Dog Rescue feel this is a horrific act of animal cruelty and want to support MHS’s efforts to find the person(s) responsible for this act,” Millman Rinaldi said in a statement.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Michigan Humane Society Cruelty Investigation Department at (313) 872-3401.

A concerned citizen called the MHS Cruelty Investigation Department on Wednesday after seeing “a heavy-set African-American male walk into an abandoned house with a dog” in the 19400 block of Bentler, the society said in a statement.

The man left shortly after without the canine; the caller found the dog’s body when she walked through the house about an hour later, officials said.

MHS investigators arriving on the scene found the young adult pit bull, whose body was “still warm, indicating that it had died recently,” the group said.

“This is an absolutely despicable act and the person who is responsible for this needs to be brought to justice,” Debby MacDonald, chief cruelty investigator at MHS, said in a statement. “We as a community cannot accept that our animals will fall victims to this unspeakable cruelty.”

Searching the rest of the house, the investigators found another young adult pit bull standing in sewer water in the basement, officials said. That pooch was transported to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care.

Detroit News staff writer Charles E. Ramirez contributed.