Armored car heist an inside job, authorities say

Jennifer Chambers
The Detroit News

A man arrested Thursday in last month’s theft of $578,000 from an armored car outside Greektown Casino is an employee of the armored car company, according to a criminal complaint in federal court.

David Linnell Troupe is named in the complaint by the FBI that alleges he stole the bank-owned cash by impersonating a Loomis Armored Car employee on duty that day, gaining entry to rear of the truck.

On Friday, in U.S. District Court in Detroit, Troupe was ordered released pending trial and placed on a GPS tether with conditions. He must stay in the Eastern District, report to pretrial services and have no contact with Loomis.

At a detention hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward told the court that some of the money had been found at Troupe’s home, but at least $500,000 remained missing.

Leon Weiss, Troupe’s attorney said his client, who is no longer employed by Loomis, has denied the charges, but he would not comment further. Weiss said after the detention hearing, he had not been told of the recovered money.

“Just because the money was found at his home doesn’t mean it was from the robbery,” Weiss said.

According to the complaint, Troupe called in sick on Nov. 27, the day of the theft. At 7:58 a.m., the armored car with two messengers and a driver parked outside the casino at 555 E. Lafayette in Detroit to make a delivery to the ATM inside the casino.

After the two messengers entered the casino and the driver stayed inside the car, an unidentified suspect engaged the driver in conversation about getting at job at Loomis. The suspect then entered the casino.

Investigators said that when Troupe approached the Loomis car, he was wearing a navy Loomis jacket, black pants and carrying a red duffle bag and black and white roller bag. Troupe allegedly knocked on the side of the van and told the driver he had grabbed the wrong bag.

The driver, unaware that the person in the Loomis jacket was not one of the messengers on duty that day, allowed Troupe into the rear of the armored car where he took the money and left.

After the theft, Loomis employees called the police. Video surveillance of Troupe was shown to a Loomis supervisor who identified the suspect as Troupe.

The armored car driver told police he was 90 percent certain it was Troupe who approached and entered the car that morning.

Authorities say surveillance footage shows Troupe and the other suspect standing at Beaubian and Macomb roads at about 7:55 a.m. and also shows Troupe entering the armored car.

One of the messengers also told investigators that Troupe had texted him several times about the route the messenger would be working that day, Nov. 27.

Cellphone records also place Troupe’s phone in and around the Greektown Casino that morning at 8:16 a.m.

Troupe was arrested at a home in Detroit on Burlingame near Linwood, said FBI spokeswoman Jill Washburn.

Gayle Joseph, spokeswoman for Greektown Casino, said the theft “did not involve funds that were going into or coming out of our Greektown Casino-Hotel property.”