A federal court judge ruled that Charles Pugh must still pay $250,000 to a former Detroit Public Schools student who accused Pugh of sexual harassment, battery and emotional distress.

U.S. District Judge David Lawson ordered the judgment on Monday, after Pugh argued in an earlier court filing that he does not have to pay his victim because DPS agreed to settle with the former high school student for $350,000.

On Nov. 9, a federal court jury ordered the former Detroit City Council president to pay $250,000 to the victim, who claimed Pugh offered him money in exchange for a sex video while he was a high school student in Pugh’s mentorship program at DPS.

A week earlier, the school district agreed to pay the victim $350,000 to settle its portion of the lawsuit, making the total award $600,000.

In a Nov. 13 brief , Pugh’s attorney argued the former DPS student is entitled to recover only one award from his claims, citing a single-injury rule in Michigan.

As part of his ruling, Lawson said that if DPS does not pay the victim by Nov. 1, 2016, the victim may collect from DPS and all the named defendants in the lawsuit. Those defendants include former emergency managers Roy Roberts and Robert Bobb as well as school administrators Berry Greer and Monique McMurtry.

Attorneys for DPS had argued that if DPS defaulted on the judgment, the victim could only go after DPS and not the individual defendants.

The young man, now 20, met Pugh in the Charles Pugh Leadership Academy program at DPS in 2012 when he was 17 and Pugh was council president.

The victim claims Pugh harassed and convinced him to produce a sex video, and offered cash for oral sex after spending a year grooming the student during the mentorship program.

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