Pup rescued from garbage bag near Packard Plant

Christine Ferretti
The Detroit News
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A young pup is looking for a new home after it was discovered Monday inside a garbage bag stuffed with trash and empty beer cans on a desolate street near the Packard Plant.

Packard, a 12- to 14-week-old chocolate lab and pit bull mix, was rescued by volunteers after he was found in a trash bag and abandoned near the Packard Plant.

The 12- to 14-week-old chocolate lab and pit bull mix was rescued close to noon on Concord after a van of workers driving by noticed movement in the trash, uncovered the puppy and reported it to Detroit Dog Rescue, said the rescue group’s executive director Kristina Rinaldi.

It’s unclear if the dog was tossed into the trash bag or if it wandered inside in search of food and shelter, she said.

“You can never say, but in the cases that we’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone just walked by and put a puppy in the garbage,” Rinaldi said. “It’s something we see a lot. People throw them away or kids think it’s funny.”

The dog, now being called Packard, was immediately transported to Greenfield Animal Hospital in Southfield for a full examination. Rinaldi says the puppy has worms, some respiratory issues and is “very underweight.”

“He’s probably been out in the cold for a while,” she added.

Packard, found inside a garbage bag at the Packard Plant on Monday, is being treated for worms and respiratory issues and is very underweight.

Rinaldi said Packard will remain at the veterinary facility for medical boarding until he’s well. He will then be neutered and put up for adoption.

Rinaldi says the nonprofit, which operates the first no-kill shelter in the city’s history, works to rehabilitate and find homes for some of the city’s most troubled animals, including dogs that have been dumped in garbage cans or used for fighting, stabbed or shot.

In January, the group will launch a new monthly speaking program in Detroit Public Schools and surrounding areas to educate students about proper animal care.

“The mentality in Detroit is don’t snitch,” Rinaldi said. “It’s time people start speaking up about animal abuse.”

Anyone with information about the puppy is asked to email Detroit Dog Rescue at detroitdogrescue@gmail.com. To donate, visit DetroitDogRescue.com/donate.

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