Cher blasts DPS officials over poor building conditions

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Almost two weeks after she took to Twitter and appeared to call for the execution of Gov. Rick Snyder over the Flint water crisis, Cher has turned her attention to the ailing Detroit Public Schools.

On Sunday, the singer tweeted “Detroit city schools” accompanied by photos of water stains on a drop tile ceiling, moldy bread, stained tile floors and garbage cans catching water dripping from a classroom ceiling. As of 10 p.m. Monday, it had been re-tweeted 2,500 times and “liked” 2,400 times.

Detroit Public Schools’ building conditions, large class sizes and supply shortages sparked a wave of mass teacher sickouts that have forced school closures. Teachers called in sick as a protest and to draw attention to the issues.

Cher also tweeted: “GOV SNYDER GAVE DARNELL EARLEY..CONTROL OF DETROIT CITY SCHOOLS, JAN. 2015. PARENTS OF DETROIT GET INVOLVED. MAKE “SURE” YOUR CHILDREN R SAFE” and “Gov Snyder Gave Darnell Earley (unelected Emerg.Manager) CONTROL OF FLINT'S (water). (People) Knew Flint River was Polluted, BUT..POOR (PEOPLE) R PERFECT PREY.”

Darnell Earley was appointed emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools a year ago. Also, Earley was the state-appointed manager who oversaw Flint's transition from the Detroit water system to Flint River water in spring of 2014.

A lead contamination crisis in Flint’s water has prompted President Barack Obama to declare a federal emergency and forced residents to rely on bottled water and filters. It’s also resulted in a firestorm of criticism for Snyder.

On Jan. 5, Cher used Twitter to call out the governor for Flint’s water woes. She posted a tweet that said, "Gov. of Michigan is a murderer," and accusing Snyder of making the decision to "poison the water." She ended the post with the hashtag "#JAILFORRICK."

Later, she posted a reference to Snyder again, right before the hashtag "#FIRINGSQUADWORKSFORME."

Cher has nearly 3 million Twitter followers.

Detroit Public School officials said the district doesn’t have time to comment about a celebrity’s Twitter account.

“We are focusing all of our time and attention on the serious issues facing Detroit Public Schools, its students and their families,” said Michelle Zdrodowski, a DPS spokeswoman, on Tuesday. “We would welcome any assistance that Cher would offer to assist us in addressing these concerns.”

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