If a Detroit woman earning a Guinness World Record for birthing 14 children by 14 fathers seems too far-fetched a story to be real, you’re right., which specializes in debunking myths, has apparently exposed the truth behind the tale that went viral this week.

The World News Daily Report website posted a piece headlined “Detroit Woman Gives Birth to Her 14th Child From 14 Different Fathers” in which a woman called Anita Sullivan is quoted as saying she was “extremely proud” to “become the first woman in recorded history to conceive children with more than thirteen different men.”

The article said Sullivan gave birth at Harper University Hospital and included a photo of a beaming woman holding a baby beside a man. Another picture below featuring 13 diverse youngsters was described as showing her 13 children posing for the 2017 Guinness edition.

Several websites picked up the story. But pointed out that the story was fake, writing in a Friday post: “The World News Daily Report is an entertainment web site, and does not publish factual stories.”

The website added that the photo of the woman and baby appeared to have been lifted from another news story about a mother who had the first baby of 2015 in Milford, Connecticut.

The picture also came from another source, according to Snopes: “It is a stock photo of children, presumably from different families.”

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