Detroit police target areas with crime spikes

George Hunter
The Detroit News

Police responded Friday to a violent crime spike in two Detroit neighborhoods by flooding the areas with officers, who expected to make dozens of arrests in the first “Operation Restore Order” action of the year.

The latest effort, dubbed “Operation Rush Hour,” was launched in the 2nd and 11th Precincts after an increase in non-fatal shootings and robberies, Detroit Police Deputy Chief Renee Hall said Friday.

The 2nd Precinct covers the city’s northwest side, from McNichols to Warren to the north and south; and from Livernois to Greenfield to the east and west. The 11th Precinct is on the east side, covering the area from 8 Mile to the north, to Miller on the southern boundary; and Outer Drive to John R. on the east and west.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig launched the first “Operation Restore Order” effort in November 2013 when 150 officers raided the Colony Arms Apartments on Jefferson, which had been the site of more than 600 calls for service that year.

Since then, there have been more than a dozen similar raids in problem areas, including the Martin Luther King apartments, and stretches of Seven Mile.

Police on Friday afternoon would not reveal the exact locations of the raids, so as not to tip off suspects.

Hall said officers planned to execute 10 search warrants on places where drug sales were suspected. Problematic gas stations and party stores will also be targeted, Hall said.

“We’ll also be doing home checks (of parolees) with the Michigan Department of Corrections,” Hall said.

“During a four-week period, we’ve seen a spike of 125 percent in one neighborhood; and 67 percent in another neighborhood, of non-fatal shootings and other violent crimes. We’re ensuring those neighborhoods are safe for the citizens.”

Capt. Timothy Leach, commanding officer of the 11th Precinct, added he expects between 50 and 100 arrests Friday.

“They’ll be looking at (arresting people with) felonies, and also (issuing citations for) quality of life issues,” Leach said.

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