Duggan won’t fill deputy mayor job; Craig No. 2

Christine Ferretti
The Detroit News

Detroit — Mayor Mike Duggan on Friday announced he won’t be making an appointment to the vacant deputy mayor post and instead has tapped the police chief to step in if needed.

Duggan filed paperwork with the city clerk to designate Police Chief James Craig as the executive who would perform the duties of mayor in the event of Duggan’s absence. The move won’t change Craig’s current job, or his pay, the mayor said.

“He will be entirely focused on running the police department,” Duggan said in a statement released Friday.

“However, should an emergency arise when I am out of the city or incapacitated, Chief Craig is the person legally designated as deputy mayor who will exercise the powers and duties of the mayor during any absence.”

In the statement, Craig added: “My focus will remain 100 percent on managing the police department and reducing the level of violence in this city. It’s rare that Mayor Duggan is ever unavailable, but I do appreciate his confidence in designating me to act as mayor if the situation should ever arise.”

The Detroit City Charter does not require there to be a deputy mayor, only that an official be designated to exercise the powers of mayor in the event the mayor is absent from the city or temporarily disabled.

Detroit’s Deputy Mayor Isaiah “Ike” McKinnon announced in April that he’d be retiring, effective July 1.

“Our current management team is stable and functioning well,” Duggan added.

“I don’t see a reason to bring in another high-level employee if it isn’t necessary.”