Anarchist collective says it wins bid for Trumbull lots

Evan Carter
The Detroit News

A group of anarchists won its bid against a local developer to buy city-owned lots next to their houses on Trumbull in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood.

According to the Trumbullplex anarchist collective’s Facebook page, developer Alex Pereira has retracted his bid for the two lots next to Trumbullplex, but the group also said it hasn’t received the title to the lots from the city of Detroit.

Trumbullplex was forced to put in a bid for the properties after receiving a notice from the city June 2 that a undisclosed developer, who they later learned was Pereira, had placed a bid on the lots. To keep the lots, the city told the group it had to raise thousands of dollars in the next week; Trumbullplex claimed to have been attempting to purchase the lots from the city for the past 20 years.

The collective claims to have been using the lots since 1993. According to its Facebook page, the group created a green space on the lots by clearing debris, fencing one of the lots, planting herbs and fruit trees, and putting benches and picnic tables on the properties.

“We have held meetings in those lots, shared meals, celebrated birthdays, and enjoyed the open air of our beautiful community,” Trumbullplex posted on its Facebook page, which says the collective hosts shows, has a library of “zines” or indepedently produced magazines, and promotes art, activism and education in Detroit.

Pereira, who has rehabbed several residential buildings in the Woodbridge community near Grand River and Rosa Parks, couldn’t be reached for comment.