Police: Brother wanted in fatal stabbing

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Detroit police say they are on the lookout for the brother of a 33-year-old stabbing victim who died from his injuries early Sunday morning.

Police got a call just after midnight that the caller’s friend had been stabbed. The call was made from the area of Five Mile and Inkster Road, in Redford.

Redford police arrived on the scene, but while talking to the man who made the call they learned that the stabbing occurred in Detroit, and called the Detroit Police Department.

The victim was either with his friend, a 48-year-old man, when he was stabbed or picked him up shortly after it happened, police say. He has been cooperative, Officer Dan Donakwski of the Detroit Police Department said.

At first, the victim attempted to drive the Mercury Grand Marquis, but was unable to continue. He and his friend switched places, but the 33-year-old died before he could be helped.

Initially, police were unclear as to where the stabbing took place. Now they know it happened on the 4000 block of Larkins, in southwest Detroit.