Metro Detroiters reach out to local police departments

Evan Carter
The Detroit News

Metro Detroiters are reaching out to their local police departments with small acts of kindness to show their support in the wake of two police-involved shootings of black men and the deaths of five police officers in Dallas.

Trevor Epps, who lives in Detroit’s 10th Precinct whose area is bounded by Oakman and Warren, the Lodge and Interstate 96, has been taking care of the police officers for the last four or five years according to precinct Cmdr. Nick Kyriacou.

Trevor Epps of Detroit frequently decorates and stocks a table with edible goodies in the lobby of the Detroit Police Department’s 10th precinct. The photos above the table are of Detroit high school students who wanted to support the police officers.

“Every month or so, we have a table in the corner of the lobby of the 10th Precinct, which Ms. Epps puts seasonally-appropriate decorations on along with mints, and snacks and goodies,” Kyriacou said. “She sent me an email saying that now would definitely be a good time to show some care and concern.”

In Novi, Gail Anderson and daughter Jalyn, along with the city’s library purchased pizza and pastries for the entire police department.

According to David Molloy, director of public safety and chief of police in Novi, after Thursday’s shooting of officers in Dallas, the police department received “boxes and boxes of pastries and donuts” from local businesses as well as numerous calls from community members.

“We treat every contact as an opportunity to enhance public trust,” Molloy said. “We are very fortunate to have a diverse community . . . and I think this goes a long way to show that we do have the support of the greater Novi community.”

Harper Woods officers recieved a plate of cookies from a woman who said she was saddened by the events in Dallas and grateful for the work the department was doing.

“I just wanted to take a minute of your time and extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to every member of our Harper Woods community who has reached out to us in the past week to offer prayers, support, encouragement, affection, and unwavering support,” said Harper Woods Chief of Police Jim Burke in an online statement. “Driving to work on Friday evening, I had some apprehension and did not know what to expect. I am so pleased to inform you we were completely embraced by the community, both black and white.”

Ferndale’s police department took time to tweet a thanks to community members for bringing them cookies and pizza.

Several Macomb County families at a ‘Kids for Cops in Their Community’ event served pizza, snacks and beverages to local law enforcement officials outside the Walmart in Chesterfield Township.

Detroit News Staff Writer Nicquel Terry contributed.