Man charged for pointing gun, using gay slurs

The Detroit News

A Detroit man was charged on Sunday after he was accused of hurling gay slurs and pointing a gun at another man, then posting a video of the incident on social media.

Stephen Drake Edwards, 20, who turned himself into police Saturday after posting an apology on Periscope, was charged by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office with felonious assault, carrying a concealed weapon in a motor vehicle, and felony firearm.

Edwards was driving his car around 3 p.m. Tuesday on the 22000 block of Lyndon and yelling threatening and derogatory remarks while pointing a weapon at a 23-year-old man as he walked down the street, prosecutors said.

“The remarks made by Edwards were derogatory statements referring to the victim's sexual orientation. The victim was able to get away from Edwards,” the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Edwards posted the incident on Twitter. An investigation by Detroit police led to the identification of Edwards.

In the video, a man believed to be Edwards was in a car and using gay slurs when he called out to the victim as he left a store. When the victim approached the vehicle, Edwards pointed a gun at the victim and told him to take off his pants. He did not fire the weapon in the Twitter video, and no one was injured.

The video, which was originally reported by BLAC Detroit magazine, ended shortly afterward.

Later, on Periscope as @Binswanson, Edwards posted a 48-minute video in which he says he would have killed the victim if he had taken off his pants.

On Saturday, Edwards turned himself into police. Before that, he posted to his Periscope account what he called “APOLOGIES to LBGT COMMUNITY.”

In the four minute video, he said he is the one in the video hurling the gay slurs and pointing the gun, but said “physically it wasn’t me. I was intoxicated.”

“I apologize though. I got my whole family looking at me. I don’t even know why I did it. I’m going to go turn myself in,” he says while recording the video from the passenger side of a moving vehicle.