Police: Man arrested after bomb threat at precinct

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A 23-year-old man is in police custody after allegedly making a bomb threat at a precinct on Detroit’s west side Wednesday evening, police said.

The Oak Park man arrived at the 10th precinct Wednesday, on the 12000 block of Livernois, at about 5:30 p.m. to file a police report. The 10th precinct is bounded by the John C. Lodge Freeway to the north, West Warren to the south, Woodward to the east and Wyoming to the west.

Visitors to police precincts in Detroit must pass a security screening to get inside the building, said Sgt. Michael Woody. The man took exception to that and became irate, Woody said.

He left the building, then stood outside, pounded on windows, and allegedly said “I hope you die! I hope you die!” to the officers inside, according to Woody.

Then the man allegedly said that if he had a bomb, he would blow up the building, Woody said. At that point the man was arrested and taken to the Detroit Detention Center, where he remains. Woody said he did not know what crime the man was attempting to report before being arrested.

Earlier this month, Detroit Police Chief James Craig told The News that officers ask him daily about the status of a case where four men are accused of making online death threats toward police. The Detroit Police Department has made its case to charge the men, but Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has yet to bring charges more than a month later.

“Not a day goes by where I don’t get asked what’s happening with the case; I just talked about it at roll call (Wednesday) morning,” Craig said. “Police officers are not happy about the lack of movement in the case, and I’m not happy.”