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Report: Skateboard pro Tony Hawk buys Detroit digs

The Detroit News

Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk has bought a house in Detroit, according to a real estate blog.

Curbed Detroit reported a “big sale” in Woodbridge on Wednesday to Tony Hawk and his family.

“It’s a big old mansion built in 1900,” Curbed Detroit quotes Jim Tumey of the Loft Warehouse as saying.

Loft Warehouse is “a team of highly specialized licensed Realtors who live and work in the city of Detroit,” according to its website. Tumey is listed as the company’s senior commercial agent.

In an Instagram post earlier Wednesday, Tumey apparently posted a picture of the newly sold house, along with Hawk and several other people out front.

“Ok ok, I can’t contain my excitement any longer,” Tumey wrote. “Just sold a castle to these guys! Welcome to your new Detroit home, it was my pleasure helping you guys.”

But later Wednesday night, he called on media websites to remove the story, citing “concern of the security of the house and it’s tenants inside.”

Hawk’s Instagram page did not show a picture of the property late Wednesday but included a shot that appeared to display a different Detroit house.

This isn’t the first time he has drawn attention for supporting the Metro Detroit. In 2013, Hawk reportedly donated $30,000 to the Ride It Sculpture Park in Detroit, just north of Hamtramck.

The 48-year-old pro founded the renowned Birdhouse Skateboards brand in the 1990s, according to the website for the Tony Hawk Foundation, of which he is board president. He also has hosted a weekly show on the Sirius XM satellite radio network.

“Tony’s success and good fortune have inspired him to do what he can to help young people, so in 2002 he launched the Tony Hawk Foundation to help achieve that goal,” the site read.

The foundation, which issues grants to low-income communities building public skate parks, has awarded over $5.5-million to 569 public projects in all 50 states, according to the website.