Coneys vs. curds: Craig, Green Bay chief bet on game

Holly Fournier
The Detroit News

The Detroit Lions will secure a playoff spot Sunday night with a win over the Green Bay Packers, according to a friendly bet placed Wednesday by Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

"Here’s a wager. Andy Smith, chief of Green Bay (police) … this is what you call a coney (dog)," Craig said in a Facebook live video shot inside American Coney Island early Wednesday afternoon. "You will have to eat one of these, because we are not going to lose.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig made a bet Wednesday with the police chief in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Sunday night's Lions-Packers game.

"What I’m not going to do, I am not going to eat a cheese curd," Craig continued. "Now I don’t even know what a cheese curd is, but I don’t do cheese."

Craig placed his bet Wednesday in an almost nine-minute long video directed at Green Bay's Chief of Police Andrew Smith. It quickly received thousands of views after it was posted around 12:30 p.m.

Craig went "out on a limb" to predict a final score of 36-13, with the Lions on top. Kickoff is at 8:30 p.m. at Ford Field, with the winner taking the NFC North and securing a playoff spot.

Assistant Chief Steven Dolunt made a cameo in the video, alongside a packed crowd of Detroit officers, all dressed in the Lions' Honolulu blue.

"Andy, you have a great city. I've been there before," Dolunt said. "But this is our time."

The Green Bay Police Department was quick to respond, posting a comment to Detroit's video: "You're on!!!"

In his own video posted to the Green Bay Police Department Facebook page, Smith stood with several officers in a room decked out in Packers colors.

"I’m sorry that you’re so misguided about the upcoming football game that’s going to happen this Sunday," Smith said. "But I’m afraid the Packers are going to dominate."

Among the items included in the Lions-Packers wager between the Detroit and Green Bay police chiefs are beer, cheese curds, and a Packers hat.

Smith prepared a package of Green Bay goodies for Craig: Ron's cheese curds from The Cannery, bratwurst from Maplewood Meats, coffee grounds from The Attic, a Packers cap, and a six-pack of Titletown Green 19 beer.

"Well, it’s a five-pack now. ... I got a little carried away last night when I was talking to you on the phone and I started drinking it already," Smith said in the video.

Then Smith went for the jugular.

"I know the Detroit Lions have been rebuilding since 1957, and it’s only a matter of time before you guys have a good year," Smith said, as officers in the room laughed. "But it’s not this year, fellas."

Reached by phone, Smith elaborated on his longtime friendship with Craig.

"James and I worked together for a couple decades at (the Los Angeles Police Department)," Smith said. "He's a friend of mine. We chatted on the phone last night and came up with the (betting) idea. He’s very good at poking the bear."

The two were briefly at odds about the terms of the bet, with Smith indicating he would send Craig the Green Bay items as a prize — not punishment — if the Lions pull off a win. Craig emphasized the opposite arrangement and when reached by phone, Smith agreed.

"Eating a cheese curd would be a punishment for me. The Lions won't let me down," Craig said. "Andy, I love you. But right now, I declare war."

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