A 61-year-old woman is dead after the medical transport van she rode in was hit Monday morning by a shopkeeper who was meeting Detroit police after his store was victim of a break-in, police said.

It was about 5 a.m. when police were following up on a confirmed breaking-and-entering incident at the Mega Liquor Store on the 17200 block of West McNichols, at Gilchrist.

Police reached the keyholder for the business, who arrived to open the store so investigators could continue their follow-up. As he was arriving, police say the keyholder did a U-turn on McNichols. In the course of turning around, the man’s vehicle allegedly hit an oncoming medical transport van, which was traveling eastbound.

Medics conveyed the 61-year-old woman to an area hospital, but she died from her injuries.

Will Redd, owner of the Medic Transportation company that was transporting the woman, was driving the vehicle that was hit.

"Unreal man, unreal," Redd said when asked his perspective on what happened. The company has two vans, he said, but he's the only driver. Redd was still at a Detroit hospital receiving medical treatment when reached by The News and expected to be there for "hours."

The keyholder, a 37-year-old man, has been detained, said Michael Woody, director of media relations for the Detroit Police Department.

Police still are investigating the original breaking-and-entering, though, Woody said, but still haven’t been able to make it inside the store.

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