Detroit man gets up to 65-plus years in woman's death

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Torius Inge, 46, convicted in the May 2016 stabbing death of Gracie Hughes in an abandoned home once owned by her family, will spend anywhere from the next 37.5 to 66.66 years in prison after the Detroit man was sentenced Thursday by Judge Michael Callahan, a court officer confirmed.

Hughes, 56, had become a squatter in her old childhood home on the 5000 block of Parker and had “refused to leave,” family members said, despite offers over the years to do so. She had contacted the owner of the home, the Detroit Land Bank, about purchasing the property, but she hadn’t reached the land bank by the time of her death.

Torius Inge

In the early hours after Hughes’ death, her family members and loved ones came up with the name of a man, “T,” who had been spending time with Hughes lately. Police investigated and within days made the arrest.

Hughes’ family credited tips from the community on the timely arrest.

Virginia Hughes, a niece, told The News at the time that “(Inge being caught) is because of the good community we have. Everybody was on top of it. This is why people who know something need to start talking to police.”

Inge had stabbed Hughes multiple times and inflicted blunt-force trauma to her head, then allegedly burned her body after she died. He was found guilty on Jan. 12 and sentenced two weeks later, a sentence that would make Hughes at least 83 when he was eligible for release, assuming he serves the minimum and survives that long.

In his jury trial, Inge beat charges of open murder and arson, court records show, but he was convicted of second-degree murder.