A Detroit man was bound over Wednesday to stand trial on charges in connection with the nonfatal shooting last month of a transgender woman.

The victim, Randall Soya McCall, was the only witness during the preliminary hearing before 36th District Court Judge Kenneth King. McCall said the defendant, Jason Hogan, shot her in the face while she was in the middle of a sex act in Hogan’s vehicle.

McCall said she was able to escape and ran to two nearby homes, including an alleged drug house, where she got a ride to Sinai Grace Hospital. She was hospitalized for five days for the gun shot that went into her left nostril and out the right.

McCall said she was involved in prostitution in the early morning of Jan. 13 when Hogan picked her up in the area of Woodward and Parkhurst to have sex in the back of Hogan’s vehicle. McCall said the two were engaging in sex when she heard a “big boom in my face.”

“I saw blood everywhere, and I got scared,” McCall testified Wednesday at Hogan’s preliminary examination. “I saw the gun in my face. It seemed like he was just trying to shoot me in the head.”

“I was just begging: ‘Please, no. Please, no,’” she said. “He said: ‘Calm down. I’m going to give you 10 (seconds to leave).’”

Hogan and McCall tussled over the gun, which allegedly went off twice more. McCall said she escaped from Hogan’s vehicle and ran. She said Hogan told her he was drunk and wanted to kill himself.

On cross-examination, defense attorney Wyatt Harris wondered after McCall finished answering questions about her statements to police in which she told investigators she felt the shooting was part of a “set-up” to rob and kill her.

Harris said the circumstances of the incident “are a little more complicated.” He said a “third party” was involved and that Hogan may have been the intended target of a planned robbery.

Hogan is due back in court Feb. 15 for an arraignment on information.

King denied Harris’ request to lower Hogan’s $250,000 cash surety bond. The judge said there are “ a number of things that concern me” about Hogan’s actions.

“He is a danger to the community and a danger to himself and possibly to his wife,” said King Wednesday.

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