Cops: Vehicle found crashed after attempted break-in

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

It was about 3:43 a.m. when Detroit police officers, seeing a suspicious vehicle outside of a closed pharmacy on Michigan Avenue, pursued the vehicle. They found it in the neighborhood a short time later, but without any of its four occupants.

File photo

Police believe the four suspects attempted to pull the front gate off at the Rite Health pharmacy on the 4000 block of Michigan Avenue, which is just west of West Grand Boulevard. The keyholder could not immediately be reached, so the extent of the damage was not yet known, said Corporal Eriberto Torres, a Detroit Police Department spokesman.

Whether the police car was alerted to the scene, responded to a 911 call, or happened to be in the area, was also not immediately known, Torres said. But police spotted the silver Chevy Silverado exiting the location and began following the vehicle.

But they lost it, and instead canvassed the neighborhood. They found the Silverado a short time later on the 5800 block of Hazlett, about two miles away, and unoccupied. Between when it was spotted on Michigan Avenue and when it was seen again on Hazlett, the vehicle was involved in a crash, police believe. When they ran its license plates, they found they weren’t registered to the vehicle they were attached to.

Police are investigating.