Detroit Dog Rescue still raising funds for maimed pup

Jennifer Chambers, The Detroit News

A 5-week-old puppy wounded from what appears to be a botched neutering attempt is recovering and getting ready for surgery in coming days.


In a Facebook post Friday, Detroit Dog Rescue officials wrote that a young dog called Chandler “was mutilated by possibly a botched neuter gone so wrong.”

Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue, said on Saturday the animal rescue group is turning to the public for help for Chandler who was found Friday in a park in Detroit with his belly cut open and a gaping “festering hole.”

“He did well through the night and is stable today. We are preparing him for soft-tissue surgery in the next day or so,” Rinaldi said. “His prognosis is very good.”

Rinaldi said Detroit police are looking into the case and the Michigan Humane Society has offered it investigators too.

“This looks really bad. This is the worst case of genital mutilation we have ever seen,” she said.

Initially the nonprofit estimated costs for reattachment surgery and wound care could reach $6,000. On Saturday Rinaldi said the pup will need skin grafts and extra time in the ICU to recover, pushing the cost to $15,000.

Shelter workers searched the park for other puppies and found none and have not received any reports from other shelters of other puppies injured in a similar way.


A 5-week-old Chandler, wounded from what appears to be a botched neutering attempt, is recovering and getting ready for surgery in coming days.

Chandler is resting and was in good spirits despite his ordeal, she said.

To help, the group created a GoFundMe page seeking donations. Chandler is sedated at a veterinary office in isolation and ready for surgery, the page notes.

Supporters had given more than $8,300 in less than 24 hours.

“He is the sweetest and most gentle puppy for the pain he is in. He rode in my car in the front seat and is an absolute trooper,” Rinaldi said.

Although many people have inquired about Chandler, he is not up for adoption right now.

“He will need a lot of care going forward,” she said.