Good Samaritan drives shooting victim to hospital

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A little more than a month after Detroit Police Chief James Craig pondered aloud the possibility of charging bystanders who film violent crimes but don’t call 911, a shooting victim may owe his survival to the intervention of a stranger.

File photo

Around 1 a.m. at Henry Ford Hospital when Detroit police investigators met the 25-year-old shooting victim and the 29-year-old man who transported him to the hospital, said Dontae Freeman, social media manager for the Detroit Police Department.

The man had heard gunshots, then drove around the corner and saw the victim on the ground. He grabbed the shooting victim, put him in his car, and drove to the hospital. Freeman said the two were strangers.

Police are still trying to determine the location of the shooting. The victim was in stable condition at last report.

Michael Woody, director of media relations for the Detroit Police Department, hailed the man’s intervention.

“That is Detroiters, right there," Woody said. "We are not these violent people who get the headlines. There are a lot more good people than bad, but they never seem to get the credit they deserve.”