Court’s ‘holiday sale’ on old tickets nets $350K

Oralandar Brand-Williams
The Detroit News

The four-day July Fourth special sponsored by Detroit’s 36th District Court on late fees, penalities and warrants was a success, court officials said Wednesday.

As a result of the “holiday sale,” the court resolved 2,389 cases, which included 1,978 license suspension clearances. The court also collected nearly $350,000, according to court Administrator Kelli Moore Owen.

“The court wanted to offer the opportunity for people to regain their driving privileges in unison with Independence Day,” said Owen.

Chief 36th District Court Chief Judge Nancy M. Blount said the program helped a lot of Metro Detroiters.

“I entered an order to allow the waiver of all late fees, penalties, and warrant costs, so that individuals could become independent from the debt owed to the 36th District Court,” said Blount.

The judge reminded citizens that a Michigan court rule requires that all fines and costs be paid at the time they are assessed to avoid additional fees and penalties.

“Individuals should not wait for me to periodically enter an order waiving these fees and costs because it will ultimately result in thousands of people driving without a valid license,” Blount said.

Instead of spending their holiday frolicking or at a family picnic, some local motorists decided to put time in to pay old tickets, get old warrants cleared up and get back behind the wheel.

Many waited in long lines Saturday through Tuesday to take advantage of the fee amnesty.

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