Community leaders and supporters across Metro Detroit will rally and march on Saturday for public education to raise awareness before the new school years starts.

The event is a part of the National March for Public Education, in 16 cities that intended to “raise awareness about how underfunding for public schools at the state level, coupled with privatization efforts at the federal level threaten the very existence of public education in America,” according to the statement from organizer of the Detroit rally

In Detroit, the rally and march starts in southwest at Clark Park until 3 p.m

"Public education is under attack across the country," stated Erica Foondle, local organizer and parent. "We stand with people from across the country in support of traditional public schools."

Representatives from public school districts across the region, including Detroit and Grosse Pointe, and American Federation of Teachers Vice President David Hecker are scheduled to speak.

Grosse Pointe School Board member Judy Gafa said in a statement she supports the march.

"City, suburban and rural school districts have been under siege," said Gafa. "We all want the same thing — a free, high quality education for our children. Children should be able to get that education close to home, in their neighborhood, where schools are the cornerstone for healthy, thriving communities. This national event shows we are all in this together no matter where you may live."

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